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Chapter 2147 - Put Yang Siyuan in Jail? children cooperative
“Humph! The college data files are lost…” Yang Jun stated subconsciously, but when he said it aloud, he realized that he or she got reported a problem. He shouldn’t have mentioned that, but couldn’t get his ideas again.
Suddenly, Yang Jun thought of anything and observed a lesser amount of worried, he then stared direct at Gu Ning. “Yes, I’m Yang Jun, but just what exactly? It was actually Yang Siyuan’s moms and dads who compelled me to switch ident.i.ties with him. It isn’t my mistake.”
In a short time, Yang Jun got returning to his sensory faculties, thinking that it shouldn’t be correct or that Gu Ning could be deceiving him, so Yang Jun began to refuse it just as before. “Miss Gu, I do not know why you need to guide Yang Jun similar to this, but I am the best Yang Siyuan.”
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Listening to that, Yang Siyuan was irritated and experienced it was subsequently ironic. Have Yang Jun imagine it wasn’t a giant cope? Even though it had been his family’s mistake they can traded ident.i.ties, it wasn’t a good reason for Yang Jun to take his family’s capital and murder his families.
Yang Jun misplaced his confidence for a time, but he increased his sound all over again following convinced that the institution records experienced been deleted. “These data you obtained are fake…”
Out of the blue, Yang Jun looked at a thing and experienced a smaller amount scared, then he stared upright at Gu Ning. “Yes, I’m Yang Jun, but what exactly? It was subsequently Yang Siyuan’s moms and dads who compelled me to exchange ident.i.ties with him. It isn’t my problem.”
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Yang Jun missing his confidence for a time, but he brought up his speech yet again on thinking that the institution documents acquired recently been erased. “These data you have are fake…”
“Now, is it possible to still refute it?” Gu Ning required.
Yang Siyuan just viewed Yang Jun angrily, but didn’t disrupt.
“Whether it’s genuine or otherwise, it is easy to learn immediately after examining your high school graduation records,” Gu Ning mentioned having a look.
If Yang Siyuan was the only one who has been devote jail, he would naturally be happy to look at it carried out, nevertheless the problem was that when Yang Siyuan attended jail, it meant that his ident.i.ty moved public and he would drop the Yang family’s homes.
“Whether it’s genuine or otherwise, it is easy to determine after looking at your highschool documents,” Gu Ning claimed by using a teeth.
“It’s not too simple. Simply because you concede you’re Yang Jun, it is best to returning the Yang family’s success to Yang Siyuan,” said Gu Ning.
Checking out the data that Gu Ning experienced thrown around the bed furniture, Yang Jun was trembling with anxiety. Have she really discover the facts?
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“Did I say it provides something connected to you? Why did you yell? Would you stress and feel guilty now?” Gu Ning questioned surprisingly.
Yang Jun dropped his assurance for a time, but he increased his sound again on believing that the school files had been removed. “These records you received are fake…”
“Did I believe that it provides something connected with you? Why did you yell? Have you worry and experience remorseful now?” Gu Ning inquired surprisingly.
After they pointed out his parents’ dying, Yang Siyuan is at discomfort. Even though it was 1 year, he still couldn’t overcome it. He would only feel great after taking revenge.
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Exploring the records that Gu Ning acquired thrown for the bed furniture, Yang Jun was trembling with strain. Have she really discover the truth?
Before long, Yang Jun came up directly back to his detects, believing that it shouldn’t be a fact or that Gu Ning is likely to be misleading him, so Yang Jun started to reject it yet again. “Miss Gu, I never know why you would like to assistance Yang Jun this way, but I’m the real Yang Siyuan.”
The truth is, let alone Yang Jun, if somebody performed anything poor, they wouldn’t effortlessly confess their offense possibly, given that they might be convicted if they confessed it.
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“Whether it’s achievable or otherwise isn’t your decision, but the regulation,” Gu Ning claimed. Despite the fact that Yang Jun’s shamelessness astonished her, she wasn’t emotionally affected and stayed relax as always.
Listening to that, Yang Jun was amazed. Gu Ning experienced already finished an examination just before reminding Shao Chen to do that? She had also discovered out…
“Humph! The school records are lost…” Yang Jun explained subconsciously, but the moment he stated it aloud, he recognized that he obtained explained something wrong. He shouldn’t have said that, but couldn’t have his thoughts back.
Furthermore, she was just saying it without data! If he didn’t try to turn down it, no one knew whether he would pull off it by accident!
If so, Yang Jun didn’t figure out what he could do now.
“Whether it’s accurate or otherwise not, it is easy to figure out just after reviewing your school data files,” Gu Ning said having a teeth.
“Of training I am going to! Why would I hesitate?” Pushed by Gu Ning, Yang Jun obtained no choice, but to choose the files up. Nonetheless, his trembling body system obtained already betrayed him.
“Do you imply that you don’t consent that it matter ends below? Yang Siyuan is likely to visit jail?” Yang Jun clenched his fists, searched ice cold, and glared at Gu Ning. It seemed just like he want to try to get proper rights for Yang Siyuan.
Section 2147: Put Yang Siyuan in Prison?
“No, I’m not Yang Jun. I’m Yang Siyuan. Never be deceived by Yang Jun. He simply mentioned that to rob my family’s properties…” Right before Gu Ning concluded communicating, Yang Jun hurriedly disturbed, but this kind of rushed concealment even more turned out his remorseful conscience.
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It appeared rationalized, however the composure that Yang Jun imagined he possessed was so filled with loopholes in Gu Ning’s viewpoint! Even Yang Siyuan experienced so.
“Since I’ve researched it, I have amassed some evidence…” Gu Ning explained, had out two files from her rucksack, and threw them directly at Yang Jun.
“Ha-ha!” Gu Ning couldn’t assistance but sneer. She wasn’t angry, given it wasn’t astonishing that Yang Jun didn’t confess his shame easily.